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How To Use WhatsApp Business App To Sell Products?

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WhatsApp Business app is here! The app is a selling hub for all marketers, salespersons, established or aspiring businesses. Why do we call it a hub to sell products? If the app has an attractive base of 1.3 billion global users and 53% people shop on direct messages (DM), then it is bound to be a hub of all things saleable! In our previous blog we spoke about all the benefits and limitations of WhatsApp Business app (in detail). This is blog post we will emphasize on how to use WhatsApp business and sell your products to your entire customer base.

How To Use WhatsApp Business App?

In the past few months did you receive:

  • Messages showing brand names instead of an unknown number. E.g.: God electronics instead of +91- 9898989898
  • Noticed a verified mark against the brand name?
  • Wondering how did these businesses get to give such professional touch on WhatsApp? Then the answer is Beta Test. Before launching the business app for Android smartphone users, WhatsApp ran a beta test with select businesses in India. To send professional messages to your customers you have to:
  • Step 1: Install WhatsApp Business App

  • WhatsApp for business is free to install app available only to Android smartphone users for now.
  • Step 2:  Enter Required details

    Mobile Number: As this is the first attempt by WhatsApp to monetize the app, they allow businesses to register with landline numbers as well.

    Business Name: this is the name that flashes on your customer’s WhatsApp chat.

    Note: For account verification, WhatsApp has drafted a few parameters, brand popularity is one of them. For account confirmation, your WhatsApp number has to match your business number.

  • Step 3: Personalize Your Profile

Business Details: Build customer trust by adding a genuine appeal to your WhatsApp business profile. Provide a business description, category, working hours, website and more for better sales!

Personalized Messages: Make your customers feel that you are not far away from them. Select custom messages to personalize these messages to let your customers know that you’re “open” or “closed” for the day.

Step 4: Get. Set. Send.

Now that your WhatsApp business account is created in less than 5 minutes, it’s time to say “Hey there!”. Start sending product or service updates to your customers, create groups of like-minded people to share your products with. If your customers find your marketing tactics annoying, they have all the liberties to block you.

Step 5: Create & Share Payment Links

Do your customers face problems in making payments via UPI? If yes, then WhatsApp business app is a definitely not a perfect option to use. The app only enables UPI payments. On one hand the app provides whole load of facilities for small businesses but, on the other hand it fails to provide an apt payment solution or facility. You need to make use of an extraordinary app – PayUnow, which helps you to create and share payment links with customers on WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Email and more options.

On PayUnow you can:

  1. Accept customer payment directly in your bank account
  2. Your customers can pay via credit/debit card, net-banking, wallets, UPI and so on
  3. No monthly payment collection limit (unlike wallets)
  4. Your customers don’t need to download or update any other app (unlike WhatsApp business app)
  5. You do not need a website to use PayUnow

There’s more to PayUnow! Check out more detailed features and business benefits of PayUnow right away to provide best payment facility to your customers.

Step 6: WhatsApp Business Satistics

Every business needs to know the results of their sales or marketing efforts. You should know it too! Get to know messages sent, delivered to your customers and read by them.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is winning big bucks in the market today though this is just the beginning. Recently, KLM airlines became the first airline to have a verified WhatsApp business account. Passengers receive their flight documentation (tickets, boarding pass, etc.) and flight updates on WhatsApp. The airlines made use of WhatsApp to interact with their passengers on the one-on-one basis in order to establish a strong bond with them. This increased passenger return rates and airline sales!

How to use WhatsApp business is a simple question to answer, but what about increasing sales? Listed below are some pro-tips to help you get savvy with:

Ways To Use WhatsApp Business For Selling

Pro-tip 1: Promote your business

WhatsApp is vast and considered as ‘most used’ communications app globally.

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